Thursday, May 13, 2010

The BEST Oatmeal Cookies EVER...even BETTER!

OK guys, so I posted my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe a bit ago. I have to admit I make these every chance I get, which is not so fabulous for my diet plan. Would not be so bad if I didn't eat anywhere from 1/2 to a whole dozen cookies in a sitting. Yes, it's true. Well, I was making them yesterday and decided to try using whole wheat flour instead of white flour. The result....Yummy, healthified deliciousness! OK, so it's still a cookie, but it makes me feel better anyway. Because there is so much oatmeal in them, you can't even tell the difference when you make them with whole wheat. Oh and then I added a cup of PECANS chopped. Yeah, that's a good addition too....

So try them if you haven't yet. You will love them, guarenteed!


Audrey said...

Made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies a while back with nothing but fresh ground whole wheat flour because we were completely out of white, and it was really good! Texture wise you could tell it was whole wheat, but it wasn't a bad texture and the flavor was great! I am going to have to try your oatmeal cookie recipe as I still haven't found a favorite one yet...

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