Monday, November 17, 2008

Key Lime Pie

This recipe is real easy. It can be used as a treat when on a diet because it is lower in calories, depending on if you choose to use light cool whip and a reduced fat graham cracker crust.
ENJOY!!! This is real yummy. Try it for Thanksgiving.

Key Lime Pie
1(3 oz) pkg sugar free lime jello
1(8 oz) carton fat free Cool Whip( or regular)
1/2 c boiling water
Graham cracker pie crust( or reduced fat graham cracker crust)
2 (6 oz) containers of key lime light Yoplait yogurt

Mix lime jello with boiling water until dissolved. Add yogurt and gently fold in Cool Whip. Pour into pie shell and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Sherrie said...

I'd like to be added to this blog as a contributor. Or..


Kristy said...

YUM! I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a hit. Really yummy...